Dharmendrasinhji Arts College
Affiliated to Saurashtra University
Education Department, Govt. Of Gujarat

Subject Outcomes

The college offers the Bachelor of Arts program in the subjects of English, Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Economics, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Geography and Psychology.

The course outcomes, course objectives, syllabi and other related aspects are discussed by the members of the Board of Studies while preparing the new courses.

Each course has a well-defined syllabus, extended syllabus, objectives, duration for completion of the course, marks weight-age and references which are approved by the respective Board of Studies and Saurashtra University.

During the beginning of the academic year, the Principal orients the students regarding the vision, mission, objectives, core values and Programme Outcomes.

The head of the departments / senior faculty members in each department convey the Programme Specific Outcomes and Course Outcomes to the students.

The languages strive for outcomes such as developing intellectual, personal and professional abilities through effective communicative skills, insuring high standard of behavioral attitude through literary subjects and shaping the students as socially responsible citizens.

By the completion of the programme, the students are motivated to define, classify and understand the methods of communication, to improve their LSRW skills, to enable them to practice those skills in their daily life.

Their accuracy in both oral and written communication will improve as they will be strong in Grammar and its usage. They will have a better command of the language and its linguistic structures.

They will be familiar with the textual genres including fiction, non–fiction, poetry, autobiography, biography, journal, plays, editorials etc.

They will learn the literary, societal, cultural and historical background of the greatest writings penned by a variety of authors.

They will become familiar with the literary texts of ancient and modern literature.

The subject of History will enable students to understand the genesis of history and development of history writing in different countries well as in India, the sources of history, the history of ancient India as well as that of the world, the socio-economic and political conditions of various periods and places, the rise, development and decline of various empires, the history of revolutions and freedom movements across the world, the causes and effects of wars and the functioning of archaelogy.

Philosophy focuses on outcomes such as an indepth understanding of key philosophical concepts such as free will, mind, knowledge, belief, reality, faith, reason, good, etc., the discussion of core philosophical problems, such as whether there is a god, what does it mean to be conscious, are we free to make choices, what is justice, etc., the exploration of philosophical texts, the analysis of moral and ethical issues, and the understanding of reasoning and emotions and their connection to morality.