Dharmendrasinhji Arts College ISO 9001:2015
Affiliated to Saurashtra University
Education Department, Govt. Of Gujarat

Prabodh Level Training, Innovation Club

Seminar Hall, Dh. College - Rajkot

The Innovation Prabodh Training was held at Dharmendrasinhji Arts College, Rajkot for 70 students of the institute. The Training was planned by Innovation Club, Gandhinagar. At institute level, all arrangements were done by Dr. J.R. Teraiya Co-ordinater of Innovation Club of the College under the guidance of Principal Dr. Hemal Vyas. The venue arrangement and technical assistance was done by committee members Pro. Ritesh Patel and Dr. Ravi Dekani. From Robocart Mr. Jaypalsinh Jadeja was invited as the trainer. The training was very informative and skill based. Students were made to do practical work. All guidelines regarding DIY kits was given to students. Also, they were given hands on experience. The training was very successful and positive feedback was received from the students. It motivated students to learn the technical aspects of everyday devices. The training was refreshing and enlightening.